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An intestacy occurs where all or part of the property of which a deceased person was competent to dispose by Will has not been effectively disposed of by a valid Will.  In such circumstances, the “Intestacy Rules” determine who administers the estate and the order of distribution.  Adequate provision cannot be guaranteed, even if you are married/civil partners.

Here are 10 very good reasons why you should make a Will:

  1. The Intestacy Rules make no provision for co-habitees.  This could lead to a lengthy and expensive claim being made against the estate.
  2. The ability to decide who administers your estate.  You can consider friends, relatives and/or professionals and discuss their possible appointment with them.  This avoids the law imposing such duties on your spouse/civil partner or close relatives.
  3. To appoint guardians to look after any minor children.  This is especially important for single parents and divorced couples/former civil partners and avoids family arguments.  You will also have an opportunity to discuss the matter with both potential guardians and, depending on their age, your children.
  4. You can make gifts to special individuals and favourite charities, who would not otherwise benefit.
  5. Personal Representatives have restricted powers under the general law to administer the estate (in relation to insurance and investment, for example) and a Will can extend these.
  6. To express your wishes about funeral arrangements and/or organ donation and relieve loved ones of the anguish associated with such decisions.
  7. Tax planning can be considered.
  8. You can stipulate at what age any children are to become entitled to their inheritance and appoint friends, relatives and/or professionals to look after it in the meantime.
  9. It should save time and money in administering your estate.
  10. Above all, knowledge that you have put your affairs properly in order.

However, trying to “do it yourself” can cause untold problems for those left behind:

  • There may be a suggestion that you were acting under duress and/or that you did not have the necessary mental capacity.
  • Everyday words and pronunciation can have different meanings and effects in a legal context.
  • Assets located outside England and Wales may be excluded.
  • Beneficiaries may predecease you and/or the subject matter of the gift may cease to exist.
  • It may be unclear what you actually intended.
  • Administrative powers may be insufficient.
  • There may be no adequate explanation as to why certain family members and dependants were omitted.
  • The Will will be of no consequence at all if it was not signed and witnessed properly.
  • The formation of a subsequent marriage/civil partnership may cancel the Will and a dissolution or annulment of a marriage/civil partnership will also effect certain appointments and gifts.

The distribution of your estate could be dramatically affected in each case, defeating the whole object of making a Will in the first place.  This is a high price to pay for a fairly modest initial saving.

Ensure peace of mind by completing and submitting our Wills Information Sheet and Questionnaire online.  We will then contact you to arrange an appointment with one of our Solicitors.  Will writing services may be cheaper, but are simply unable to provide the same level of service.

Wills can be updated at any time and should be regularly reviewed to take account of changes in both your personal circumstances and the law.  Where appropriate, minor amendments can be made by way of a supplementary document called a “Codicil”.  This must comply with the usual formalities.  For other changes, a new Will can be made.

We also offer expert advice and assistance on tax planning, including the creation of Discretionary Trusts.  Our detailed guide explains what steps can be taken to try to reduce the tax burden on death.

Trusts can also benefit children, people under a disability and charities.

With many years experience of representing Clients in these areas, we are better placed than most to provide the specialist help and support that is so essential.

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